Communicating in the New Era

How do you market your brand? I want to make this blog a little different. I will not only share my thoughts, but I would like your feedback. What do you find works best for your company in this new era? We all know social media is an effective form of communication. It’s how and when you use it that will determine the outcome. Are you posting at key times? Do you have engaging content? Are you using video to share the power of your voice?

According to stats I found online, 81 percent of businesses use video as a marketing tool, that’s up from 63 percent in a year. Here’s my advice when it comes to using video: make sure your message is clear; clever writing is essential; and keep your video brief and to the point. Also, remember to post your message on various platforms. Let me know what medium you utilize the most.

Now, let’s discuss ways we communicate with our customers. Of course, the good old-fashioned way is best. You know that lost art of actually meeting in person or talking on the phone. But, I know we are all busy. So, emailing and texting are effective means of communication. I am finding that some people communicate best via Facebook Inbox or Messenger and on LinkedIn. We must be responsive on all platforms. Bottom line, we have to keep up with the times to continue to achieve maximum success. I am going to end with a few questions (I can’t help it, it’s the reporter in me.). How are you communicating with your customers? How are you effectively selling your brand? What tool(s) do you plan to try in the future? I want to hear from you!