Conquer the Fear

We all have fears. It can be scary stepping out of the box and trying something new. Entrepreneurs, we know that first step can be terrifying. There are so many questions. Will this venture be successful? Will I be able to make enough money to pay the bills? But, we have to try and then, try again. I recently talked with a friend about starting her own business. She has a lot of talent and a lot to offer. Her response, “I’m scared.”

As an author and life coach once told me, “Shut the fear up!” If you want to start a business and don’t know where to start or are worried that you can’t make it happen, I have a few tips. (I shared them with my friend too.) First, believe that you can and you will. Next, develop a plan for your business. Determine what services or products you will provide.

Register your company with your state, city and county. (Fees vary around the country). Get a tax id number (EIN) and set up a checking and savings account for your business. Invest in your company! Purchase the supplies needed that will make you a success. If it means taking out a small loan or using some of your savings, don’t be afraid to do it. You get a loan for a car or a house. Why not get funding to invest in your future? My last and most important piece of advice – conquer that fear and go for it!