Key Components to Success

We cannot be afraid to showcase our talent. As business owners, we have to continue to grow, take chances and try new things. I talked with a friend recently about how people often want you to be stuck in one place. Don’t let that happen. Continued training is vital. Entrepreneurs, take time to do research in your field. I must confess that I love reading articles on Pinterest. You can find great information. Also, you should attend conferences that can assist with your expansion.

We must also share our knowledge. We have to be willing to teach others. I recently facilitated a workshop about branding and social media. I have had several conversations lately discussing social media strategies. I know we are busy (well, at least I am), but we have to carve out that time to give back.

This is a lesson we can’t forget. Don’t stop learning. We all know that a child is enthusiastic when he or she learns something new. You can see that sparkle in his or her eyes. We, as business owners, need to have that sparkle when we add to our memory bank. Train, teach and learn (TTL) are key components to our success!