Back on the Grind


It has been awhile since I shared my two cents about entrepreneurship. I still can’t believe it, but I have been in business for more than two years. This journey is not always easy. I recently spent some time on what I always call a “real job” while doing my business. (Talk about little sleep! But, you do what you have to do.)

Often in my line of work, people know they need assistance with marketing, public relations and branding, but the services are not at the top of their line item. That is okay. A friend shared this great piece of advice, “When someone tells you no, it doesn’t mean you can’t do it, it simply means that you can’t do it with them.”

So, small business owners keep grinding. Keep making those calls. Keep networking. Keep doing what you have to do to grow your business. Don’t give up. You build it and do a good job, they will come!