Knocking Down the Door to Success

Do you remember those knock, knock jokes? Yes, they can be a little irritating, especially if a young person tells you five of them in row. But, as an entrepreneur, knocking is essential. I always tell our youth that opportunities will come your way and you have to take advantage of them. But, most importantly when they come, you have to know what to do with them.

As a business lady, I know that it is tough and there are days you want to just throw up your hands. (Or is it just me? LOL) I hope these jewels inspire you to ask, seek and knock.  Ask for advice or help as if you are a lost traveler in need of direction. Seek knowledge, information or helpful tips as if you are in search of something extremely valuable.

Let’s go full circle and take it back to the beginning and that knocking. Knock on that door and be ready to walk proudly and confidently through it. Go a step further and burst through that door. Knock it down! The opportunity you have been waiting for and success are on the other side.