Share Your Knowledge - Don't Keep it Bottled Up

The growth continues for Angela Spears Communication. Of course, this is wonderful news to share. As a small business owner, I love sharing great tips with entrepreneurs. It is important to have a mentor and connect with others. One of my good friends recently told me she was starting a business. She often calls me for advice and I so enjoy passing on the knowledge that I have learned. I let her know there will be ups and downs. You can’t be afraid to take risks.

You also can’t be afraid to share what you know. Don’t keep that wealth bottled up. There is enough business to go around for everyone. Training is another crucial component for growth. I am currently enrolled in Jax Bridges. This program, offered by the Jax Chamber, is designed to teach small business owners how to connect with larger companies. I absolutely love this continued education! I am learning more effective ways to communicate my value proposition and how to properly construct my business model.

My fellow entrepreneurs, please remember to work on your business. We often are working so hard in it that we forget to take time to market ourselves. Be sure to post on your social media sites regularly, blog, update your website and talk with people about your services or products. I am sometimes guilty of not following this advice. So, let me put this goal in writing (so, hold me accountable and ask about it) – I will write a blog at least twice a month.