PR in Your Back Pocket

I use my blog to motivate and share tips I think will be beneficial. My lessons as a small business owner never cease to amaze me. I continue to grow and learn. It’s important that I maintain my skills and be willing to expand myself, which will benefit my clients. It’s important for any business, especially a new company, to know and understand its brand. It’s also important to know that how the business shares that brand with others is key. So, I have a few public relations (PR) tips that you can keep in your back pocket.

I did research to gather some of the advice. But, many tidbits come from the school and experience of little ole’ me (Angela Spears Communication). You have to build relationships. You’ve probably heard the saying that people buy from those they trust. If they don’t know your brand, they will not use your product. So, don’t be afraid to get to acquainted with people. Those relationships can produce positive results such as partnerships or sponsorships. This leads to another key component of PR which is communication. You have to be able to tell your story effectively. You also have to know when, where and how often to spread the news. You don’t want to over saturate the market.

This next piece of advice is crucial. Sometimes, businesses (or people) don’t think they need public relations consultation until it’s too late. Bottom line, invest in the service while things are going well. Do not wait for a crisis to try to share your story. I hope you can pull some of these tips out of your back pocket when you need them or better yet just call me. (This is a shameless plug… I know! LOL)