Putting the Pieces Together

Have you ever had that one project that just drove you crazy? It’s like getting a jigsaw puzzle with three thousand pieces thrown in front of you and then you’re asked to put it together in an hour. Sometimes, as entrepreneurs, we will get that difficult assignment. How do you make it a success?

First, stay calm. Think outside of the box. This is something small business owners do often. We have to find ways to make it happen. There are many chapters in your book, don’t get lost in the one you are in at this current moment. Take on that challenge. Embrace the opportunity to learn a new idea or a new task.

Believe me, I know that new adventure can be scary. You can do it. Try and try again. Put those pieces of the puzzle together. Take heed to this sage advice that was once shared with me, “Remember what you know.” If you fall back on your expertise, it always works out.