Thankful for That Last Slice of Pie and More

As you put the final touches on your Thanksgiving meal, please take a moment to just enjoy your loved ones. It seems as if we are always on the move. As entrepreneurs (at least this one), we are trying to find clients and close the deal. But, let’s not forget about the little things. A fellow business owner told me the other day, “Don’t forget to take care of you.” This is great advice.

Others have given me some great advice recently. It is the season of giving, so I want to share. It is important to know your worth. If you set a price for your services, stick to it. The right customers will come your way and they will invest in themselves. It is also important to think outside of the box when looking for customers. Don’t you love these tidbits?

Now, I want to pass along a few things to remember. You will hear “no” several times on your journey, but eventually, there will be a “yes” and it will come at just the right time. Enjoy the success that comes your way.  So, when you have had your last slice of pie for the day, be thankful and smile because the best is yet to come.