The Ultimate Goal

Collaboration is essential for small business owners. We have big ideas. We are constantly on the go trying to find ways to grow. So, having those extra set of eyes or that partner to enhance a project can be beneficial. As entrepreneurs, we must encourage and assist one another. Success is the ultimate goal.

Let’s hold one another accountable. I recently talked with a small business owner about her plans and strategies for her company. Unfortunately, she has not really done many of the things needed to get to the next level. I told her let’s change this immediately. We decided to be accountability partners.

Please also know that competition is good. But, there is no room for us to feel threatened by a business owner in the same field. There is enough work to go around. I truly believe that you get a little more when you are willing to take a little time to help others. Let’s hold each other accountable. Be a mentor or find one. Remember, small business owners are the backbone of our economy.