In Need of Some Time to Vent

I never thought about the cost of my health insurance when I worked in television and for the city. In fact, my insurance was free when I worked at one job. Now, as a new small business owner, it seems as if finding insurance is consuming my life! (Please let me vent. LOL)

I spent countless hours trying to find the plan that best suits my needs. When I started my business back in July, I thought this would be super easy. Boy, was I wrong. After what seemed like months and I know many hours, I found healthcare coverage. I hope other entrepreneurs don’t have difficulty as they look for insurance. I want to share this advice. Do your homework when looking for plans. There are a lot of them out there, in the marketplace and with private carriers. Be sure to ask a lot of questions. Then, ask your questions again if you don’t understand.

Also, be prepared for call after call. As soon as you request information, the flood gates will open! You may have to block a call or two. I am so glad I survived this experience! Thanks for letting me vent. Happy health insurance shopping!