No Excuses, Make It Happen

There is always something new to learn in this small business venture. I still ask a lot of questions. My fellow business owners ask me a lot of questions as well. A good friend and I were recently talking about whether she should take the leap. Of course, I told her to go for it. There are so many advantages to being your own boss. I also shared some of my twists and turns of being a business lady.

It’s important to identify your product or brand and know how to sell it. It may take some time (trust me), but you have to find the right market to invest in what you have to offer.  Know your worth! Don’t be afraid to set a price and stick to it.

If you plan to collaborate with a business partner, please work out the business and financial plans on the front end. Team up with someone who shares your vision. I am working with a fellow media expert to host a public relations and marketing boot camp. (4.11.16 – Mark your calendar. Yes, this is a shameless plug! LOL) We discussed our plan, vision, payment and much more. Communication is essential. Bottom line, when you decide you want to start a business, commit to it and strive for excellence. My motto is “No Excuses, Make It Happen.” Believe me, the entrepreneurial experience can be a little scary. But, the end result, as many seasoned, successful business owners will you, is worth it.