Promote... and Shine!

We all know the importance of promoting a product or service. Sharing the power of your voice is essential. It is an item that needs to be a part of your budget. Please don’t be afraid to invest in your company. You took the leap of faith to start your business. So, it’s a must that you do what is necessary to sustain your investment.

As a public relations expert, I’ve recently been asked, “How do you advertise for yourself and sell your services?” This is a great question for those who do what I do. I have a few tips to help us with self-promotion. Be sure to talk with and not at your audience. Be honest and be interesting with your promotion.

Professionals in my field are so used to selling everyone else that we forget about ourselves. We have to remember that we too have a business and must attract new clients to our brand. I encourage you to take a risk and think outside of the box when showcasing your business. Promote yourself and shine! Who knows? You just may see a familiar face advertising soon!