The Tax Man Will Come

I continue to learn in my new venture as a business lady. Just when I thought I was on a roll and had everything under control, a more seasoned business owner threw a curve ball. That messed up ball is the tax man. As a start-up business (with just one person), I thought this tax thing was going to be easy. I have held on to my receipts. I track how much I make and how much I pay subcontractors. I set aside money for taxes.

Small business owners, I am learning those things are not enough. Let me share what I’ve learned on this journey. Get an accountant. I am glad I got one when I started my company. Entrepreneurs, learn how to use quick books. Do not co-mingle your business and personal accounts. Set up a budget and stick to it.

Sign up for small business classes. There are so many free programs that can help prepare us for that day in April. Those classes will also help us get to the next level. Keep these tips tucked away in your important file and don’t stress. (That last line was for me because my headache with the tax man is coming!)