Make Time for Success

Small business owners often stay on the go. We are busy with our clients, in meetings, posting on social media or researching ideas that help us stay ahead of the game. I don’t know about you, but I find it hard to make time to do the little things. I am talking about logging mileage, making my 10 - 20 calls (some of them are cold calls) a week or doing other administrative work for the business.

I was talking with another entrepreneur this week about this issue. Her advice was simple. She told me that I have to set aside time or even a day for myself. Administrative days are crucial to success. So, I guess this means I need to block out time on my calendar as a work day for Angela Spears Communication and stick to it.

I will have to use what I am going to call my special day as a day to set goals, measure my success rate, make those calls and log my miles. Some businesses have weekly meetings. I may need to incorporate that concept as well with my subcontractor. This all seems so easy. But, my fellow business owners and friends, we know it can be difficult. We just have to make the time for even more success.