Self-Inventory - A Must for Small Businesses

I feel as if I’m slipping a little. I did not have a blog post last week. (Did you notice? LOL) I have been on the grind looking for new business opportunities and of course, working hard for my clients – creating social media content, writing news releases, making community connections, networking and much more! I am having fun. But can I tell you, this small business owner is tired! I would not have it any other way!

My busy week included a meeting with my accountant. We discussed business growth. He reminded me of something very important – as a business owner, I have to spend time working in the business and not always on it. I have to set aside office hours, so I can do administrative work as well as market my company. How much time do you spend giving back to your company?

Entrepreneurs, we have to do our own inventory. We also have to take time to really determine what works and what doesn’t work for our company. I talked with a friend and my consultant (my uncle – glad he is on my side) about a potential lead. We discussed the pros and cons. According to my uncle, I have determined that the possibility may not be best for me. We can’t be afraid to do some self-evaluating. I encourage you take inventory and set time aside to promote your brand!