Sell Your Skills

“Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school.” I find this quote from Albert Einstein to be so true. Life is a continuous education. You must never stop learning. You can attend conferences that lead to professional development. But, sometimes just listening closely to others can be key to enhancement.

I learned a valuable lesson this week about showcasing your talent. Yes, I do this for others (and I’m good at it). But, I don’t always highlight all that I do. We (that includes me) cannot assume others know how great we really are. Two people reminded me of that recently. They told me that I need to always to expand on my work when I’m writing about myself. I said that I do not want to brag. They quickly told me it’s not bragging. You do the work – show and write it.

I remember when I was interviewing for my first television job (I didn’t realize it was an actual interview… long story – LOL) and my boss was asking me about my work. I told him about my experience and what I was doing at my internship. I thought I was doing a good job. He saw my resume’ tape and said something like you are much better than you are leading on to be. I smiled and said it’s just what I do. Bottom line, the lesson learned then and now – do not be afraid to share all of your capabilities. Pat yourself on the back occasionally! Sell your skills!