That Big Hat of Confidence

There are times when you are the student as well as the encourager. These are hats we as small business owners wear all the time. I was reminded of a valuable lesson I’ve written about in the past – remember what you know. Once you remember what you know, go for it and don’t let others discourage you. I was sort of doubting myself on a project this week and a very good friend let me have it (in a good way… this time)!

My friend (who is very honest by the way and would have told me if the project sucked – it is wonderful to have friends like that) told me to stick to what I knew because I was great at my job. She also told me I should not let anyone make me feel as if I my work is subpar. In fact, her words were stronger than that. She said don’t let it happen. Sometimes, we all need that extra boost.

I went from student who needed encouraging to the encourager in the same week. Another friend told me about her thoughts and ideas on starting a business on the side. She had a great plan and all the details. But, her current lifestyle (job, kid, house, etc.) and fear are holding her back. I told her to “shut the fear up” and go for it!

I know those were very brief stories (I figured you would not want to read about every detail of the conversations), but I hope you get the point. Always wear the hat of confidence. Be sure to switch it out from time to time with your faith and hard work hats. I leave you with this - We all must believe in ourselves and follow our dreams.