Your Brand and Social Media

We know that privacy issues for social media have been in the news. Some are now calling for people to cancel their subscriptions to one social site. But, many of us are sticking with all our social platforms. They have become important to promoting our brand and sharing the power of our voice. How do you use social media? What’s your favorite platform? (I want to hear from you.)

You have to know how the platform will benefit your business. You have to know your audience and what it likes to read or see. Creating interesting and innovative content is key to success online as well. Is your purpose to educate, motivate or inspire? Are you only selling a product or service? Think about how social media works for you. Have a strategy that will help you grow.

As small business owners, we have to think outside of the box when it comes to attracting and keeping people on our sites. Sometimes, we have to meet our market where it is. Do you Snap? Is Pinterest an asset for you? Are you using LinkedIn? Is Tumblr right for your brand? Of course, I think Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are must haves for all businesses. If you are not on them, I encourage you to sign up today. If you are on social media, evaluate what is and what is not working. Think about ways to engage your audience more. Be sure to always take pictures and develop that creative content!