Learn to Say No... Sometimes

It has been a busy two weeks. I have been traveling and running the business. It never ends. I am not complaining. But, we as business owners have to slow down and learn how to say “no” sometimes. “No” is not a bad word. We can’t be everything for everybody all the time.

It is important to prioritize items on our “To Do” list. We may not be able to put some things on the list. That is okay.  My cousin asked me this week, “Why are you putting unnecessary pressure on yourself?” (I had to stop and think about that one.)

We all multi-task and work insane hours. (Believe me, that is my life and I wouldn’t change it.) Those things come with the territory. But, let’s keep our eyes on the prize. We all want to be successful. Sometimes that calls for us to take a step back and be still. Or sometimes, it calls for us to simply say “no” to get to the next step.