Rest and Relaxation... Just Do It

You’ve done your spring cleaning. You’ve done your self-inventory. The taxes are done! (Well, almost.) Now, it’s time to relax. I know you are probably saying that we as small business owners never have time for a little R& R. I would have to agree. I am constantly on the go! But, we have to take time for ourselves. It’s been said that “sometimes the most productive thing you can do is relax.”

How do you kick back? I am guilty of not finding the time. I’ve cut back on my gym time (not good at all). I am going to take a pledge to do better. Success is important. But, we can’t forget the little things. I enjoy spending time with my soon-to-be teen niece. We spent last Friday night together. It was so refreshing. We talked and laughed. We had some good old-fashioned fun. (those little things)

Another way I relax is by trying not to work on Saturdays. I make that day about me.  I shop. I run errands. Then, I shop some more (LOL). Of course, there are health benefits to relaxing. It protects your heart, lowers the risk of catching a cold, boosts your memory, helps you make better decisions and much more. So, how will you enjoy your time in the sun? Let me know. Please remember that “the time to relax is when you don’t have time for it.” So, just do it!