The Lessons Never Stop

I focus my weekly blogs on my perspective as a small business owner. As you might imagine, this is a continuous learning process. In fact, life itself is a series of lessons. (If you don’t know, then keep living.) I learned and heard so many great things this week. I, of course, want to share them with you. So, please forgive me if it feels as if I’m rambling and my thoughts seem out of order.

Have you ever heard that patience is a virtue? I had to practice that in a big way. Sometimes, it is best just to not say anything at all, even if you are right. Often times, it is not worth the argument. As entrepreneurs, we have to remember the old adage, “The customer is always right.” I also realized even more that surrounding yourself with supportive people is essential. We, as women have to be a boost for each other. We, as a community, have to be willing to look out for each other. Sometimes, our loved ones don’t believe in our dreams. Remember, they are your dreams, you’ve set the goals, not them. Please know that is okay to step back from those loved ones when necessary.

I had the honor of being in the presence of some fierce women this week. The speaker was dynamic. I know her, but I learned so much more about her story. (It is incredible.) She taught me a valuable lesson about the importance of documentation at the workplace. It’s not about telling on everyone. It’s about keeping good records for yourself. As I learned in my Radio-Television-Film Class at The University of Texas at Austin, you have to CYA (cover your a..)! I hope this hits home for someone in some way. Let’s make sure the lessons never stop.