Are You Covered?


When I was in college at The University of Texas at Austin, I took a Radio-Television-Film (RTF) class. It was one of the requirements I needed to obtain my bachelor’s degree in Journalism. The most important lesson I learned was CYA. This is a lesson I will never forget. My fellow students and I chuckled when the professor told us what this meant – Cover Your A--!

But really, it is no laughing matter. Small business owners, are you covered? Do you have required licenses or certifications? Are you taking advantage of training opportunities to help you and your business grow? I have many questions (LOL). But, seriously, think about these things. It does not matter how small or large your business is, insurance is a must. Of course, there are various types of insurance – for employees, accidents, products and more. Please select the one that is best for your business.

Keeping receipts is another component of CYA. Emails are proof too! Sometimes, you will have to show one or the other. Entrepreneurs, if you don’t have an attorney or an accountant, you may want to make that investment. Protect yourself and protect your assets. Also, I encourage you to have a mentor who you can call for advice when needed. CYA!