Celebrating Us - Small Business Owners

Small Business Week is coming to an end. The U.S. Small Business Administration set this week aside to recognize the nation’s top small businesses, entrepreneurs, small business advocates and champions. Have you patronized your top small business owner(s)? We all know these companies are the backbone of our economy.

Thank you for the support! We, as entrepreneurs, must continue to find ways to think outside of the box for our clients/customers. We have to set goals, achieve them and then, reset our goals. We sometimes have to add services to our menu or employees to our staff to help us expand. We, as small business owners, cannot do it without you.

I had the honor recently to continue to grow and expand my service as an emcee. I love public speaking. I love the interacton with the audience. I have a few more speeches to give over the next few months and I am excited. I appreciate you for supporting a small business owner like me so that I can enhance the services of Angela Spears Communication and share the power of your voice!