Finding Time to Take a Break


It’s almost summertime! Entrepreneurs, do you have any big plans? It can be hard to get away. We always have a project to complete. We always have calls to make. (I know I am always on my phone.) We try to always be there to answer our clients’/customers’ questions. We have emails that need immediate attention. Oh, don’t forget those extracurricular activities. We have board meetings and events. The list goes on and on. We have to find time to unplug and put up the out of office sign.

When we do get away, we can’t feel guilty about it. I took last Friday off to spend time with my niece. We had fun together. But I was freaking out because it was a weekday and I was not working. I recently had lunch with another entrepreneur, and we discussed the obsession of not turning off sometimes. She then sent me an article about what constant work is doing to our well-being and how to break the cycle. I know the hustle is real, but we have to relax.

I told my dad that I was going on vacation this week and would probably work. His response, “Why are you going on vacation then? You are not supposed to work while you are on vacation.” That is good advice. I am going to try to put work aside. If it doesn’t happen, please know that I am a work in progress. I do encourage you to leave the rat race behind, at least for a few hours, and spend time on yourself or with family and friends. We need it to rejuvenate to keep those creative juices flowing.