Keep that Small Business Alive

As National Small Business Week comes to an end, I encourage you to please take a moment to learn about a start-up company. The purpose of the week is to recognize the contributions of entrepreneurs. It has often been said that small businesses are the backbone of our economy. So, let’s put them to work.

It can be tough stepping out on your own, especially that first year. I have my ups and downs in my new venture. I continue to learn everyday how to effectively run a business and improve my services. I’m sure many other entrepreneurs can back me up on this one. Our services and products will not work if you don’t give us a chance to compete.

Be willing to support and invest in a small business. Spend time looking at the business’ website and social media sites. Learn how to use the “Power of Your Voice.” (Okay, that was a shameless plug.) Bottom line, put that small business on your shopping list. Spend the money and help keep that small business alive!