Let Me Hear It!

Wow! It’s been a couple of weeks since I last blogged. I have been busy (that’s a good thing). Thank you for the support and the confidence. I enjoy sharing the unique business lessons that I learn along the way. I also like hearing from you. What is the best piece of advice you have received to help with your success? Do you know of any great training courses, seminars or workshops? It is good to hear how others have gotten to the top. It is also important for us to be willing to give that advice. So, let me hear it!

One small business owner shared some great advice. It’s okay to make mistakes. You should learn from them and then, make it a point to do better in the future. Sign up for training opportunities that best suit your profession. It may cost, but don’t be afraid to invest in yourself. Find a consultant or someone who will listen to your ideas with a critical ear. Also, know your worth. Someone recently shared this with me - don’t devalue your work by being afraid to charge for your services. Also, set boundaries for yourself and with your clients.     

I have more advice from other small business owners. Don’t make rash decisions. Invest in business insurance, an accountant and an attorney. Absorb all that you can and never stop learning or networking. Hold on, because these tips from a good friend are excellent – don’t run from competition and learn to take critical feedback. Think outside of the box. Know your audience and who will need or want your services/products. But, I must say the best piece of advice I heard recently was when I was trying (maybe too hard) to get a client - “You are not a dog. You don’t have to chase after anything like a dog.” I am going to drop the mic on that one!