The Summer Blues

I am writing my blog a little early this week. I ran across an interesting article about staying focused on your business during the summer. We all know there are so many distractions. For some, the kids are out of school. You may be going on vacation or spending time with family. Perhaps, business is slowing down just because it is summertime. How do you handle it? How do you handle the summer blues?

The author of this article had some good ideas. If business is slower than usual, consider taking one day off or work an abbreviated schedule. You many need to block out time for longer breaks as you prepare for vacations. Also, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Here is a tip to live by for the season – make shorter to-do lists.

I know some of these things are hard to do. Small business owners, please know that it is okay for us to take care of ourselves. I understand that the bills have to be paid (believe me, that’s a concern for me). But, I think this was the most important tip from the article – it’s okay to take vacation. Taking time off can help you regroup and beat the summer blues. It can help you recharge that creative flow. Next, let’s try leaving our phones off when we take that much needed rest. (I’m not sure I can do that one! That’s another topic for another day.)