The Big Jump

I have had an amazing career, so far. I spent many years as an anchor/reporter at local television stations. I loved the job because no day was the same and I met so many different people. I had a lot of fun! I was able to share some great stories. I would tell my friends that I could jump out of an airplane on any given day if I wanted. (I never did. I was too scared… LOL.)

You know the saying, “times change, people change.” Well, my career changed. I did public relations and worked for city government. Those were great experiences and great learning opportunities. I can tell you don’t ever be afraid of change. Try new things.

I am heeding this advice. As I make a transition in my career, I am adding the moniker “business owner” behind my name. So, as I enter a new adventure, the world of entrepreneurship, I will continue sharing stories and helping others with message development, strategic planning and much more. So, it looks as if I may once again have the opportunity to jump out of that plane, if I chose. Here goes!