From Gadgets to Social Media... The Changing Face of Technology

I absolutely love gadgets! This coming from a person who back in 2009 did not even know how to use a flash drive. I had a computer that ran Windows 95 and no internet service. (You know those old PCs. Don’t judge me! LOL) Things have changed drastically for me. Let’s bring it forward to my original statement – I love gadgets. Social media is a daily part of my life. In fact, a hot spot/projector and a smartwatch are just a couple of items in my toolkit.

It appears technology and social media are here to say. So, embrace them! It is so crucial to keep up and stay connected. Studies show 92 percent of marketers say social media campaigns have increased web traffic and 78 percent say it generates more quality leads. Bottom line, small businesses must utilize social media. Don’t be afraid of it.

You can’t forget about apps on mobile devices either. There are so many that can help advance your company, product and brand. You have to keep up with the changing times. So, be on the lookout for my continued use of technology, gadgets and apps to enhance “The Power of Your Voice.”