Lessons from the Playbook

It’s a been a few weeks since I have shared my thoughts and lessons learned as an entrepreneur. I have really missed blogging about the X’s and O’s as a small business owner. I, of course, have several lessons and ideas to pass along to you from the playbook. (This playbook is a work in progress. I add to it daily.) I continue to say and write that you have to know your worth. You have to realize that your services and products have value. You have to know that you are valuable.

Don’t be afraid to expand your network. A friend recently encouraged me to take a trip out of the state and meet with one of her colleagues. It ended up being a very good trip. Look for more details later on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. (I’m on Pinterest too. Shameless plugs, I know!)

Back to another lesson learned. Put it in writing. As much as you want to, you can’t trust everyone. Please protect yourself and your product. I am not trying to be Debbie Downer. But, I hope this will be helpful to small business owners. There are so many lessons to learn. There are so many ideas that you can get from others. You have to know who is on your side and willing to give you the push or encouragement when you need it.