Make Contact... Then Follow Through

Make Contact... Then Follow Through

It doesn’t matter how long you have been in business, we all know there will be ups and downs. It can be tough sometimes getting that new client. But, after you make a connection, what are your next steps? How do you seal the deal? (I’m not asking for any trade secrets.) Follow up is key. I recently attended an event where a business owner said she followed up eight times with a company before she got the gig. (Wow!)

My Two Cents

As a new business owner, I seem to be busier than ever. I am applying for jobs, competing for bids and making contacts. So far, so good. I have two clients and possibly a couple of more. But, the work is far from over.

I enjoy meeting people and making connections. Networking is a key to success for any business. You can’t be afraid to share details about what you do. I was in a store recently and a woman and I started talking about our companies. This led to something positive that may be in the works.

I am putting in my two cents to help other small business owners. Don’t be afraid to talk about your services; ask for assistance – there are so many things you probably don’t know; know and live your brand; and follow up with all of the contacts you make – thank you and I appreciate you go a long way!