Sharing Your Story... In All the Right Places

A day in the life of an entrepreneur is always very busy. Of course, it’s no different for this business lady (my favorite uncle still calls me this). From creating strategic media plans to pitching stories to promote my clients to attending networking events, this all means very little sleep, but I enjoy it! I had the opportunity recently to share tips with other female business owners about marketing and storytelling.

I love a good story. You have to find unique ways to share that story. Storytelling attracted me to the news industry. (Yes, I’m still a news junkie.) That storytelling will help you market your product or client. But first, it’s important to know and understand your brand, which is simply your promise to your customer.

Other key factors are to know how and where to market your story. Sometimes, we go to the wrong places to pitch ideas or sell products. (I have been there and done that!) You don’t want to exclude any potential opportunity to make a profit. But, please know that you have to be strategic in where you market your goods. Your services may not be for everyone and that’s okay. Identify your key area and find creative ways to market your brand and tell that dynamic story!