The Village

The Village

Another school shooting. More of our youth lost to senseless tragedy. I usually blog about my experience as a small business owner or share tips that entrepreneurs can use to help them grow. But, after the shooting in South Florida on Wednesday, I feel I must say something. Guns do not belong in our schools. Guns do not belong in the hands of our youth. We have to do something in our communities. We have to be involved in our kids’ lives. We have to speak up when we see our children going astray.

Success Under Construction

I believe it is important to give back to our community, especially to the next generation of leaders. As a small business owner (and even before my new venture), I find time to volunteer. I really enjoy working with our young people. They have so many fresh ideas. Their take on the world is inspiring. It is crucial to encourage and nurture their creativity.  I recently ran into a young man who wants to get into the communication field. He asked if he could call me because he wanted to learn so much more. I loved his confidence and ability to ask questions. I, of course, gave him my card and told him to call whenever he wanted.

But, unfortunately, not all young people have that drive and determination. Some have no hope, goals or aspirations. My heart was broken not long ago when a middle school student told me her future consisted of her probably going to jail or being dead in the next five years or so. I told her that I believed in her and had more hope for her future.

I am sharing these stories because this proves that we need to spend time educating, inspiring and motivating our kids. Their road to success is under construction. We have to believe in them and let them know they must reach for the stars and beyond. Let them know that they have the ability to achieve as long as they are willing to work hard. I know we all get busy, but let’s not forget the kids who need us. I challenge you, entrepreneurs, to find a way to help at least one youth. Give him or her an internship, call the student or just listen. Our youth are depending on us.