Marketing 101: Love Your Product

Small business owners have to continue to find creative ways to share their story or product. Marketing is key. It is simply the process through which your product moves from that bright idea to being that item on the shelf. You have to strategically plan when and where you will sell your message. You have to figure out how much the product will cost and who will buy it.

There are so many strategies and different approaches to marketing. I want to share a few strategies that have helped this business lady. (For those just joining me, my favorite uncle calls me a business lady.) Be creative. You have to think outside of the box. But, at the same time, don’t forget your brand. Be sure to stick to your message and don’t be afraid to share it several times. I always talk about collaboration. Team up and utilize your partners.

Here is the most important tip I have for you: have fun! Laughter and fun are contagious. Love what you do. Love your product. Love your message. If you have these main ingredients, then marketing or selling your item will be a lot easier and enjoyable.