Your Time, Your Worth


I have written about this before, but it’s important that we, as small business owners, know our worth. And we can’t be ashamed of it either. I recently talked with an entrepreneur about his pricing and he didn’t flinch. He was very confident when he stated the costs for his services. Let’s think about it, when you go to the grocery store or a restaurant, the person taking the money tells you the total and you pay.

A good friend helped me nail down my prices and then said stick to them. Another business owner once told me not everyone will be able to afford or want to pay your price and that’s okay too. It’s about the talent you bring and the value of your solutions.

Small business owners, be firm, yet flexible. Please know that it is okay to have discounted prices for your customers/clients. But, just don’t give everything away for free. Remember that you are running a business and making a profit is key. Your time and talent are worth every penny.