The Village

Another school shooting. More of our youth lost to senseless tragedy. I usually blog about my experience as a small business owner or share tips that entrepreneurs can use to help them grow. But, after the shooting in South Florida on Wednesday, I feel I must say something. Guns do not belong in our schools. Guns do not belong in the hands of our youth. We have to do something in our communities. We have to be involved in our kids’ lives. We have to speak up when we see our children going astray.

I remember when one of my second cousins was in high school she wanted to write something negative on Facebook. Instead, she wrote that she couldn’t type those thoughts because too many of her family members would read it and have something to say. You know what? We chimed in and said you are right! We were not going to have that.

I know this does not compare to what happened in Parkland. But, the point is we as adults and as a community need to let our children, even if they aren’t ours, know that we have to care for and about each other. We have to let them know that words and actions matter. We have to let our children know that it is okay to tell - no scream - if they see, hear or read about suspicious activity. As business owners, let’s take time to volunteer in our schools. Let’s take time to be mentors. Let’s take time to listen to our kids. It really does take a village.