A Fresh Start


I know some business do taxes quarterly. Some small businesses get their taxes done annually. I am just glad tax season is over for me. I have paid Uncle Sam and now it’s time to make a fresh start. High growth entrepreneurs, join me in this session! This is a great time to clean your business.

I encourage you to take more time to spend on your business. (I am talking to myself!) Here is an idea, try scheduling No Meeting Monday. This is a day for you to focus on your business. Take this time to update your social media sites and your website. This could be a good time to evaluate your progress. This could be a good day to find ways to grow your business. It could also be a good time to take new headshots.

This time after tax season is also a chance for you to reintroduce your business. You can roll out a new service or product. Take time for you during this new season. I want to leave you with one last piece of advice – get yourself ready now for next tax season.