Building That Great Team

We all know it is so important to surround yourself with positive people. You need people around you who believe in your dream. As a small business owner, this is extremely important. There are many long days and late nights. As you are growing, the pay scale may not be what you initially want to make or are able to pay. But, you still have to find a way to get that great team. Then, you have to motivate and inspire the team.

There are so many team building exercises and ways to involve employees. There are also many factors to consider when shaping your productive team. Another major key to building success is knowing the strengths and weaknesses of those working with you. I know I’m still a neophyte in the business world, but I have a few of tips. Leaders have to set clear expectations. They have to set deadlines (I am a firm believer in deadlines - it’s the former journalist in me). They have to find ways to recognize those who go above and beyond. Remember those little words with a lot of power such as thank you, I appreciate you or outstanding.

 A great team will help you go far. So, be sure to take care each of person’s needs, as best as you can. I know the bottom line is a must for small business owners, but don’t forget flexibility is crucial. Life sometimes gets in the way and you have to make adjustments. Entrepreneurs, I hope I don’t have on my rose-colored glasses, but let’s remember that commitment and dedication work both ways.