Make Contact... Then Follow Through

It doesn’t matter how long you have been in business, we all know there will be ups and downs. It can be tough sometimes getting that new client. But, after you make a connection, what are your next steps? How do you seal the deal? (I’m not asking for any trade secrets.) Follow up is key. I recently attended an event where a business owner said she followed up eight times with a company before she got the gig. (Wow!)

How many times have you followed up with a potential client? I’m not sure I would recommend contacting the same company eight times. But, if it works, go for it! Follow through makes a big difference. I do encourage you to make a few phone calls before throwing in the towel.

I remember when I was in college looking for an internship with CNN Chicago. I called my boss at least four times before he finally said, “You must really want this internship. When can you fly here for an interview?” I told him I couldn’t afford to fly there, so he interviewed me over the phone. I was persistent! As a small business owner, I still have that drive. I still have that spunk. I still have big dreams. But, this quote from Bob Buford sums it all up. “Don’t just dream big; follow through.”